X Marks the Spotvin - Celebrating Ten Years

This is a big year for Spotvin, 2019 marks the 10th year since I took a chance, went on my own and started my business. It’s been a crazy ride with many changes, successes, mergers, great people and good times. To celebrate this path, I’ve incorporated the “X” (the roman numeral for ten) into my branding package. It’s not just a simple X, the right side slash has been modified to resemble a subtle ‘S’ for ‘Spotvin. What I also like about the ‘X’ is it can also replace the word ‘by’ as in all the things I like to create (eg. Branding by Spotvin, Illustration x Spotvin and our apparel line WNDSR x Spotvin.) Keep an eye out as we roll out more elements this year.


Shane Potvin