X Marks the Spotvin - Celebrating Ten Years

2019 is a significant waypoint for Spotvin. It marks ten years since I took a chance, went on my own and started my business. It’s been a wild ride with many transformations, triumphs and mergers - great times shared with exceptional people. To celebrate this milestone, I’ve incorporated the 'X' (the roman numeral for the number ten) into my branding package. But a mere 'X' will not suffice. The right side slash has been modified to resemble a subtle ‘S’ for ‘Spotvin.’ Moreover, the 'X' has utility beyond celebrating a decade of creativity. It can replace the word ‘by’ as in ‘by Spotvin’ for all the things I'm driven to create as in 'Branding x Spotvin', 'Illustration x Spotvin' and the apparel line 'WNDSR x Spotvin'.  2019 will be a year of creation here at Spotvin, so keep an eye out.

Shane Potvin