Throwback Holiday Pack



Throwback Pack Includes:

Toque: Colours inspired by our very first t-shirt design

Canvas Bag: Original graphic printed large on the front of the bag

Metal Pin: Gold or Silver (we’ll surprise you)


Back in 2009 there was an article in the Windsor Star that acknowledged there was a lack of good Windsor t-shirts. The writer urged Windsorites to create designs for a competition, they would determine the winner and it would drive creative exploration in the name of civic pride. At the time, I was sitting at Taloola cafe reading the paper (yes that happened) and the idea came to me: A simple rose graphic paired with clean, bold type. I quickly went home to get my idea down and started creating. I submitted my final design and the writer chose it as the winner! This article received a ton of publicity and I began to get questioned about my plans to make and sell the shirts. This is where the WNDSR brand began.

After selling many of the original shirts I felt it was nice but it didn’t hold strong as a brand. I decided to separate the rose to stand on its own and it seemed like the obvious choice. It was something Windsorites would recognize, wear and be proud of. As my design business grew, sadly my time to grow the brand dwindled and I put development on hold for many years. But in 2017 I brought back the brand and whole new line of shirts, bags, hats and pins.

This “Throwback Pack” is a tip-of-the-hat(toque) to our humble beginnings and to the design that started a project that gives me great pride and also gave quite a bit of pain when I tattooed it on my arm (ouchie).

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